Ras Mo Moses, a Caribbean award-winning performing and recording artist from Dominica, has released a new Creole music single entitled Pawol Pawabol (Proverbial Sayings) .

The song, Pawol Pawabol (Proverbial Sayings), released on June 6th, 2020, was written and performed by Ras Mo. It incorporates sayings and metaphorical messages used in Creole-speaking communities reflecting the rich tradition of Francophone Caribbean’s Creole language and culture.

Ras Mo invokes audience participation with traditional Creole call and response – KwikKwak! (crick-crack!) – and Creole riddles – Tim-Tim/Bwa-Sèk. Lyrics address child abandonment, giving due credit, the rewards of patience, teen pregnancy, endurance, and bullying.

The music blends traditional rhythms and genres, transported via the transatlantic slave trade and contemporary migration, evolving and alive today in the Francophone Caribbean islands of Dominica, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, Haiti, and Martinique.

The recording features an all Dominican crew:
Ras Mo: writer, composer, arranger, keyboards, tracking, co-production, percussion
Harry Mo: guitar, keyboard, drum programming, bass, tracking, co-production
Clayton Hazel: co-production, mixing, mastering, drum programming.