He will, he will rock you – and not even a heart attack and a pain in the backside can stop him.

Queen legend Brian May was so desperate to get back to making music he crawled to his home studio on his hands and knees.

The rocker suffered a heart attack, and had three stents fitted to clear three blocked arteries last month, not long after he had injured himself while gardening, “ripping to shreds” his gluteus maximus.

Now, 72-year-old Brian is “recovering slowly”, with the muscle pain causing him more pain and discomfort than his heart problems.

However, that hasn’t stopped him from trying to get to his home studio!

Brian May crawled to his home studio to get back to making music again
(Image: MJ-Pictures.com)
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He says: “I’m still crawling around the house on my hands and knees – not very rock star like.

“I actually managed to get to the music room.

“Hopefully one day I’ll be functional and we’ll do some great stuff.”

Meanwhile, Brian recently revealed how grateful he was to the kind messages of support following his health share.

He said in a video he uploaded to social media: “I’m overwhelmed and really more touched by the torrent of love and support that’s come back at me after all the coverage in the press, I really didn’t expect all that.

Brian May is a belove figure in the music industry
(Image: PA)
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“As you can see I’m OK. My email box and everything else is so full of incredible messages, I will never be able to thank you all individually, so let me please at least thank you all here.

“This is going to sound really strange but I sort of feel like I died and yet I was able to come to the funeral and see all the tributes.”

He went on to explain how profound an experience his near-death experience was.

Brian revealed: “I often think that at funerals, all these people come and say these wonderful things that come and say these wonderful things about the person that’s gone but he or she can’t hear it.

Brian May has described spooky heart attack aftermath as he felt like he was at his own funeral
(Image: Brian May/Instagram)

“I’m lucky – I got to hear it, so my life is complete.

“I’m sorry if that sounds weird, but I can’t compare it with anything.”

Well, here’s hoping Brian gets back to music as soon as possible.

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