Mr. Lennox Vanterpool conducting Muscial Event

Under the distinguished direction of Music Professor, Mr. Lennox Vanterpool, Sound Review 2019 was — for yet another year —staged at the St. Augustine’s Anglican Church on Sunday evening, September 29th.
Now in its 5th year, Sound Review has grown to be a magnificent musical performance which features top notch classical musicals by a young band that is a force to be reckoned with in the musical arena. The band comprises largely students of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School (ALHCS) where Mr. Vanterpool, an accomplished Music Teacher, is its Director. He is assisted by the Head of the Department of Music, Mrs. Kimba Southwell.
In his opening remarks, Deputy Principal, Mr. Perry Richardson, said in part:
“The impact of music on our students is undeniable. Many students have had very positive stories after their contact with our Department of Music, and any or all of the performing ensembles.

Tonight marks the highlight of several weeks of preparation which began in late August. The Sound Review Band Camp seeks to use the final weeks of the summer break to immerse our students into a course of music study that may be otherwise near impossible, given the challenging schedules under which we have been operating recently.

“On behalf of Principal Rita Carty and our entire Senior Management, and indeed all at the ALHCS, I would like to commend Head of Music Kimba Southwell, and Band Director Lennox Vanterpool, for the tireless effort they have made to produce this tour de force this evening. So, let us all sit back and enjoy the music of ALHCS Concert Band as I welcome band director Lennox Vanterpool.”

Sunday evening’s event was hailed as an astounding display of immaculate classical music coming from our own youngsters whom it is deemed can make the grade in any of New York’s Broadway Musicals.

The appreciative audience packed the church hall and many others thronged the outside porches to savour the breathtaking performances that held them spellbound. Perhaps there are no words that can adequately describe the delight on the faces of the audience — everyone of whom was intrigued by the fascinating renditions that captivated the mind and nourished the soul.

Many proud and grateful parents were on hand to witness the brazen talents of their children which contributed to a superb and spectacular performance. Each piece played was absolutely flawless.
From the soothing subliminal sound of Psalm 42, arranged by Sam Hazo, to the vibrating pulse of Woodwind Marmalade, originated by Andy Clark, the orchestra was “spot-on”. And there can be no dispute that its rendition of Themes from the Lion King could stand next to the Composer Elton John’s performance — to match his pristine work.
But to crown it all off, after many magnificent renditions, there was the rousing military marching tune Absolutely Sousa, arranged by John Philip Sousa, and originally played as a marching musical by the United States Marine Band during the latter part of the 19th century. Absolutely Sousa is a combination of four of Sousa’s most popular marches featuring The Washington Post March, Semper Fidelis, The Thunderer and Stars and Stripes Forever.

At the end of the function, Principal of the ALHCS, Mrs. Rita Celestin Carty, commended the stellar performance of the band: “Highest commendations to the Music Department, and the students of the ALHCS Concert Band for their sterling and stirring production which we experienced this evening at Sound Review 2019! It certainly was an impressive event.
“We are proud of the students for the high calibre of their performance in what is certainly a diverse and challenging repertoire. Kudos to Maestro Vanterpool, Mrs. Southwell, on accomplishing such a tour de force!”

Mr. Vanterpool, on behalf of the entire concert band, expressed his appreciation to all who so graciously supported the event — as an audience — as well as the sponsors which included: Titanium Sound, K-Sharp Photography, The Graphic Edge, High Tech Signs and Designs, Tackle Box, Coffee O’Clock, ALHCS Senior Management, Kimba Southwell (Head of Music) Radio Anguilla, Klass FM, Grace FM, KCN Communications and ATV.

– Staff Reporter, James R. Harrigan