The OJays are iconic, in their 50 year career they have had 10 gold albums, 9 platinum albums and 10 number one hits! Because of this they’re being honored by the Philadelphia Music Walk of Fame!

Walter Williams and Eddie Levert of the Ojays tell the TJMS crew that they’re incredibly honored to be receiving such recognition. Philadelphia decided to honor them because not just one, but all 10 of their number one hits were made in Philadelphia.

Levert jokes that one thing that kept them together all of these years is that they “made money.” But Williams says he thinks they made it so far because for all 50 years they stayed true to themselves and their style. For example, every time they were on sage they dressed alike and he believes that’s what separated them from other groups and kept “that group thing going.”

They also have new music! Hear previews of it in the audio above!


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