A new music option is coming to Waze.


Waze continues to strive to be the only app people use while driving with the addition of YouTube Music. The crowdsource navigation app will now play songs from a connected account right in the app itself. 

YouTube Music posted about its inclusion into Waze on Wednesday. The feature is rolling out today, and YouTube Music said it’ll soon be available in all 50 markets where both apps are available. YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers can have their albums, playlists, personalized mixes and more available to listen without having to switch away from the navigation app. 

YouTube Music Waze

YouTube Music is now in Waze. 


To access YouTube Music in Waze for either iOS or Android, users will need to select the music note icon in the navigation app. From there, simply select “YouTube Music.” 

If there isn’t a music note icon, head to settings and choose “Audio Player.” Then select “Show Audio Player.”

Waze already supports several other music and podcast apps, including Spotify, Pandora, Sticher, Deezer and iHeartRadio.