Don’t you just love it when two great celebrities come together?

Well, we can all safely say that 2019 has truly been one for the books. 

We’ve been bombarded with the unexpected this year, and honestly, most of the bombshells we’ve witnessed haven’t exactly been positive. However, we earlier highlighted the news that UK grime royalty Skepta and pop sensation Adele are dating, so there’s some nice news too.  

As outlined by The Sun, a source revealed that: “Adele and Skepta have been there for each other a lot after both their relationships split up. They have a close bond and there’s definitely a special connection… They’re spending more and more time together. Some of their friends are hoping and predicting they could end up being a great couple one day.”

Fans of both parties on Twitter were shocked by the news, and of course, memes were out in full force. It’s great to hear that they’re both helping and supporting one another, as both have split from partners recently. As they’re both huge in the entertainment world, people are wondering just how much this potential new couple could be worth…

Skepta: Net worth

According to the Metro, the 37-year-old rapper was estimated to be worth more than £4 million in 2018. 

Earlier in 2019, he released his fifth studio album – Ignorance Is Bliss – featuring such tracks as ‘Greaze Mode (featuring Nafe Smallz)’, ‘What Do You Mean? (featuring J Hus)’ and ‘Bullet from a Gun’.

Considering the record was a huge success, chances are Skepta will be worth even more when it comes to the valuation at the end of the year. Fingers crossed the sixth studio album has an Adele feature… it could work! Keep an open mind!

He founded the English grime collective Boy Better Know together with his brother Jme back in 2006, and in 2007 he released his debut album Greatest Hits, which features the likes of ‘”I Spy (featuring Jammer)’.

What is Adele’s net worth?

So, how much more does Adele make than Skepta?

We say “how much more” because while Skepta is popular, Adele is essentially one of the most successful musicians of the century; at one point her music was literally inescapable. 

We were right to make an assumption, because – according to the Express – in May Adele was ranked 787th on The Sunday Times’ Rich List with an estimated net worth of £150 million. So, that’s a bit of a jump!

The 31-year-old English singer-songwriter has so many iconic tracks under her belt such as ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and ‘Hello’, of which even the man living under a rock could hum on cue. So, now we’ve established the pair’s net worth, let’s consider their back catalogues…

Two forces in music

You see that ‘Someone Like You’ video on YouTube just above? Yeah, it currently boasts 1.4 billion views – like seriously. 

Her universal appeal is staggering, and at a time, it really felt like Adele’s songs of heartbreak were our very own. She released her debut studio album – 19 – in 2008 and it was a significant hit, with cuts like ‘Chasing Pavements’ striking a serious chord. 

However, her sophomore effort – 21 – in 2011 was something else, and it won at both the Grammy and the Brit Awards; it sold more than any album in the year of its release and the year after. With 2015’s 25 also proving to be a massive success, it’s no surprise that she’s worth so much. 

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On the other hand, Skepta can be considered more niche, but even then, he helped popularise grime so much with the release of his fourth record, 2016’s Konnichiwa, which even bagged the Mercury Prize. It was a huge step forward for the scene, and since then he’s been in the limelight and working with a wide range of talented artists. Both are incredible in their own right, and perhaps we’re witnessing the start of a beautiful partnership. 

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